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What is Staken?

Staken helps you to realize the potential of staking as the future of crypto assets, while you multiply your holdings using the power of the almighty compounding. Your trust in the project will pay off in the form of rewards. These rewards are your crypto dividends and don't forget the immense potential of capital appreciation which comes from our meticulous asset research.

Why Staken?

We have a highly qualified and diverse team of blockchain finance and crypto asset experts who analyze projects using a rigorous methodology. This ensures that no stones remain unturned and we can cover not only the mainstream assets commonly known to the public but also the once which have immense potential but are relatively less known, giving us both, the first mover advantage and informational edge over others.

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Stake in 3 Steps

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Choose from our numerous rigorously researched crypto assets.


Own the asset in a click and take part in the disruptive potential of the project.

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Stake your crypto assets using Staken and compound your wealth.

Choose a Network

Access, explore and research Tezos, Cosmos, Polkadot, IRISnet and other groundbreaking blockchain assets.

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Livepeer (LPT)


Annual Yield





We help major token holders, such as exchanges, funds and any other financial institution to leverage the benefits of stacking and Proof-of-Stake protocol, while we do the heavy lifting.

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What is staken?

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How can i start staking or delegating?

What is the staken fees?

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